Fast prototyping for hire.

We help you refine your ideas – and turn those ideas into functional prototypes. Prototypes are an essential part of bringing a new product to life — and one of the best ways to generate and evaluate requirements.  We specialize in doing this at a very early stage – when ideas are very fragile and need special attention. No idea is too small.

It usually goes like this:

  • We’ll have some in-depth discussions to understand your idea.
  • We’ll come back with a short report on high-level approaches and anything related.
  • We’ll agree on what the important questions are, and decide how to answer them.
  • We’ll work with you to specify the design.
  • We’ll draw it up in CAD (if necessary).
  • We’ll build it.

Quick fabrication of just about anything.

We have the facilities and the materials to make all kinds of things, and we relish a challenge. In just four months of business, we’ve already made hundreds of widgets for a dozen different companies. We can work from your part, a napkin drawing, or a quick phone conversation.

Augmenting existing teams:

We can join you at any stage in a project and help your team reach success.

Research for hire:

We have a decade of experience doing R&D, reverse engineering, augmentation, and alteration of electronics and optics. Let us know what you’d like to do and we’ll offer you a few ways to do it. We specialize in clever reuse of OTS technology.